Our sleds are made out of high-density polyethylene that will not crack, chip, fade, or leak. Their heavy-duty design means they’re capable of carrying up to 1,300 lbs across long distances and over rugged terrain. All of our sleds are built around an iron frame, which greatly increases their durability and carrying capacity.

There are many models to choose from here – select the ones that best suit your needs based on what you plan to transport, the weight of your cargo, the terrain you’ll be traveling over, and the speed at which you will be traveling. Hitches are included at no additional cost. We’re confident you’ll find the right sleds for all your needs.


Sleds wiht protection

Heavy load cargo


Icefishing Sleds

Utility Sleds

Our tough and durable plastic materials have outstanding characteristics:
- Low cost
- Heavy duty
- Light and flexible
- UV radiation resistant
- Impact, abrasion and chemically resistant
- Not-toxic to the environment and people
- Low-temperature toughness, and stress-crack resistance
Save its qualities in temperature range from -45F to +127F​