SNOWMOBILE SLEDS with protection

When choosing the best-t model for your needs, consider the following: reasons for usage, terrains and speeds it has to withstand, and loads it has to carry. We are condent that our wide array of sleds will t any and all of your needs.

Our tough and durable plastic materials have outstanding characteristics:
- Low cost
- Heavy duty
- Light and flexible
- UV radiation resistant
- Impact, abrasion and chemically resistant
- Not-toxic to the environment and people
- Low-temperature toughness, and stress-crack resistance
Save its qualities in temperature range from -45F to +127F​

Sled 1450

with protector 64.1"x29.1"x19.6"

Sled 1700

with protector 74.8"x29.1"/19.6"x25.5"

Sled 1800

with protector


Sled 1900

with protector


Sled 2000

with protector 90.5"x29.5"/19.6"x24.4"

Sled 2200

with protector


Sled 2650 + protection


Protection for sleds 2200 & 2650


All sleds have an iron frame, which greatly increases the carrying capacity

  •   For improvement weight-lift ability of sled, metal frame with special rings, which allow affixing freight securely, is fixed on perimeter.

  •   The spring damper in the hook-on device softens moving from the rest and braking, reducing pressure on snowmobile transmission.

  •   The fairing increases the volume of freights and also protects them from snow and wind.

  •   Model's can be completed with runners on a bottom which prolong service life of sleds (runners are fasten on stiffening ribs, if it is necessary they are easily replaced with a new kit).

  •    The material of construction is HDPE (which thickness is from 0,3" up to 0,5").

  •   Sleds are light, so that they won’t freeze in ice; also they will pass on any snow and hummocks, without failing under freight pressure.

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