SLED 2200

Size: 86.6"x37"x16.1"

Weight: 62.5 lb


  • Snowmobile sled is made of plastic and designed for transportation of all kinds of freights by snowmobiles and cross-country vehicles.

  • The structure of sled is quite simple, but this product is distinguished by reliability and durability thanks to the special manufacturing method.

  • The material used by MakPlast company in the manufacturing is high-density polyethylene.

  • All our sleds are easy-sliding on snow and ice.

Our tough and durable plastic materials have outstanding characteristics:
- Low cost
- Heavy duty
- Light and flexible
- UV radiation resistant
- Impact, abrasion and chemically resistant
- Not-toxic to the environment and people
- Low-temperature toughness, and stress-crack resistance
Save its qualities in temperature range from -45F to +127F​

All sleds have an iron frame, which greatly increases the carrying capacity