Our iron-framed snowmobile sled is a must-have thing for ice fishing, hunting, exploring and will be very useful in your household in the Winter time as well.

We engineered deep and strong utility sleds where you can fit lots of cargo. Our sleds run smoothly through ice, snow, grass, and cold dirt. Iron runners protect the bottom of the sled from scratches and cracks and give additional stability to the sled movement blocking drifting.

Sleds on skis with high weight-lift ability


Super Sled

with snow protector


Large sled with hitch for bulk cargo


capacity: 3307 lb

Cargo-and-passenger sleds with high weight-lift ability


This sled comfortably seats two people , allows for carrying of up two 660 pounds of cargo and is compatible with all brands 
of snowmobiles!
It also features: 
- A detachable waterproof tent
- Two big cargo bays
- A strong steel frame 
- Wide skis (for ease of control)
- Multi-section sledge allows for easy transportation of 
   passengers and cargo simultaneously